Who We Are

As an organization, we are committed to enhance the level of competency in consultation, sourcing and after sales support in any verticals which involves image transfer technology or managing variable data or digital technology.

Aura brings in the best from Europe/ USA and Mainland China for your requirement to produce high end Banking and GSM/SIM cards. Various solutions offered includes right from Printing on Plastics, laminate, Punch, Milling and Embedding of Chip to personalisation and Mailing fulfillment.

With more than 15 years experience behind us in introducing various digital print technologies to India, Aura has made foray into the prestigious finishing segment .

With Authorized Sales and Service Partnership with Uchida Yoko and ACCO Brands Corporation, Print Finishing requirement can now be catered to with High Quality solutions with configuration to match and better the very best.

We earnestly believe that a product is as good as the people who are at its helm. Engineers are extensively trained in various stages and levels in Europe, USA and China. They are evaluated and appraised to achieve the skill level to match the best in the Industry. You can consult with our Engineers about our machine, its application and also other facets of production. They are trained to help you achieve the quality standard for you to compete with the best in the world.

Our vision is to be counted among the best and outperform your level of expectations.