Yessor Wipes

Yessor’s journey started with the filtration products and later moved on to wipes, now we are the emerging leaders of this domain. Yessor’s products adhere to international standards of quality, which has created a demand throughout the country. Yessor has never failed to convert each of its visitors into customers. It has always maintained a good customer relationship and satisfaction, and has the best feedback from its customers on the quality of the product and the service provided.

Clean and dry anything and everything with the help of Aura & Yessor – The Complete wiping solution providers for the Domestic & International Markets. No more messy hands or messy work place and we help you to achieve this by providing a solution for every unique application, state of the art manufacturing facility which can customize a high quality solution as per your requirement.

Aura Print Solutions are the Exclusive Channel Partner for Yessor Tech.

For domestic enquiries and exports, please contact us at +919920760732. Alternately, you may email us at